Advertising and nike brand

This case study analyses the ever-evolving marketing strategies adopted by Nike to become a global brand. July 6, Photo:

Advertising and nike brand

The name Nike was chosen in reference to the Greek Goddess of victory. Nike currently employs 30, people worldwide. Nike sells products under Nike, Inc. Nike has come a long way from when its founders used to sell the shoes out of the trunk of their cars until the first Nike store was built in Now Advertising and nike brand products are sold in numerous shoe and apparel stores worldwide as well as in specialty Niketown stores and online at Nike.

Nike has numerous websites dedicated to each of their target audiences including Nikebasketball. The first professional athlete endorser was Ilie Natase — a Romanian tennis player.

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The first track and field athlete to endorse the brand was Steve Prefontaine. To break any similarities they had to Reebok, Nike began promoting its shoes as fashion accessories. Reebok had cornered the younger, aerobics audience, so Nike started concentrating their ads around the person wearing the product rather than the product itself.

InNike employees met with advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy formed in The campaign reached consumers on a humorous level and tapped into the fitness craze happening at the time.

The Just Do It campaign was chosen by the magazine Ad Age as one of the top five advertising slogans of the 20th century. Nike sponsors Hoop It Up, a program for high school basketball players, and The Golden West Invitational, for high school track and field players.

The Fund issues grants for equipment and uniforms. Nike launched their skateboard collection, NikeSB, in in an attempt to gain market share in the quickly growing skateboarding craze. Before Nike SB, skateboarders wore Nike basketball sneakers because of their strong grips and ankle support, as well as their great comfort level.

Occasionally the NikeSB shoes get ruined quickly if used for skateboarding — leading their users to steer away from skating in the shoes and instead wear them for their collectible value.

InNike released a series of ads aimed at women athletes. The sassy, humorous ads urged women to celebrate their Thunder Thies and Big Butts. The strictly print campaign drove women to the website NikeWomen.

The campaign discussed 6 body parts and mirrored the Dove Real Women campaign.


Not only was the shoe the single sponsor of an airing of ESPN Sports Center, there were alsoDVDs distributed that showed the making of the shoe and its unique ad campaign.

There were many advertising outlets used for the fourth shoe in the series that were not used as heavily in the first, second or third versions. These included ads on MTV. Recently, after radio host Don Imus made his infamous comments on air, Nike created a spin-off ad campaign defending women athletes.Nike Marketing captures the science, art and emotion of Nike’s innovations and connects them with the hearts, minds and souls of athletes.

The pros in brand strategy, advertising, digital engagement, product presentation, consumer analytics and more foster consumer connections via channels ranging from Nike Stores to social media.

Nike's Brilliant Marketing Strategy – 9 Steps To 'Just Do It'

Nike, Inc. is a marketer of sports apparel and athletic shoes. The American manufacturer, through its marketing strategy which rests on a favorable brand image, has evolved into a large. We looked at the past two-and-a-half decades of the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy's work to find the Nike ads that shaped the brand's history.

The first time the world heard "Just Do It" was. Still, through successful implementation, Nike reaps the rewards of a stronger brand image and higher demand for its products. Thus, despite the high cost of advertising, the company achieves net benefits in its financial performance.

The Nike Swoosh has been made into a cultural dissemination that stands for athleticism, power, fitness, and all other values Nike attempts to incorporate into their brand image.

The company’s advertising has established the Swoosh as one of the most recognizable logos that symbolizes athletic excellence, a spirit of determination, hip.

Advertising and nike brand

Nike brand strategy is to build a powerful brand – so powerful that it inspires fervent customer loyalty from people literally all over the world. This is because Nike advertising uses the emotional branding technique of archetypes in its advertising – more specifically, the story of the Hero.

Nike Print Magazine Ads That Boosted The Brand's Popularity