An analysis of vietnams market potential

According to the Vietnam Customs, Vietnam exported over 1.

An analysis of vietnams market potential

The economy remained dominated by small-scale production, low labor productivityunemploymentmaterial and technological shortfalls, and insufficient food and consumer goods. Efforts were also made to decentralize planning and improve the managerial skills of government officials. Vietnam is one of the few countries in modern history to experience a sharp economic deterioration in a postwar reconstruction period.

Its peacetime economy was one of the poorest in the world and had shown a negative to very slow growth in total national output as well as in agricultural and industrial production. Reasons for this mediocre economic performance have included severe climatic conditions that afflicted agricultural crops, bureaucratic mismanagement, elimination of private ownership, extinction of entrepreneurial classes in the South, and military occupation of Cambodia which resulted in a cutoff of much-needed international aid for reconstruction.

Following the dissolution of the Comecon and the loss of its traditional trading partners, Vietnam was forced to liberalize trade, devalue its exchange rate to increase exports, and embark on a policy of economic development. Furthermore, the Vietnam government stressed the necessity to lower birth rates when developing the economic and social rights of the population by implementing a policy that restricted the number of children per household to two, called the two-child policy.

Vietnam's economic policy following the Asian Financial Crisis has been a cautious one, emphasizing macroeconomic stability rather than growth. While the country shifted toward a more market-oriented economy, the Vietnamese government still continues to hold a tight reign over major state sectorssuch as the banking system, state-owned enterprises and foreign trade.

It was expected that access to the U. Furthermore, it would attract foreign investment, not only from the U. Inthe ruling Communist Party of Vietnam approved a year economic plan that enhanced the role of the private sector, while reaffirming the primacy of the state.

At the same time, investment grew threefold and domestic savings quintupled. Inthe private sector accounted for more than one-quarter of all industrial output. The GDP growth was 8. The government estimated that GDP grew in by 8. On January 11,Vietnam officially became the WTO's th member, after 11 years of preparation, including eight years of negotiation.

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However, the WTO accession also brought serious challenges, requiring the economy to open up to increasing foreign competition. The recent reforms have created a major boom in the Vietnamese stock market as confidence in the Vietnamese economy is returning.

Over the last 2 decades, Vietnam has experienced a rapid construction booming that contributed to economic growth but also caused "bubble" to the economy.


Skyscrapers ballooned in big cities. Vietnam's current economic turmoil has given rise to question of a new period of changing political economy, however.

Vietnam has been privatizing many of its state-owned operations to reduce corruption and increase efficiency.The Feasibility Study: Market Analysis Conclusion In addition to competing farmers markets in the area, there are other types of businesses that present competitive forces.

An analysis of vietnams market potential

Market potential is an estimate of the maximum sales of a product or service. It is a somewhat imaginary estimate as it assumes that you capture the entire market .

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Market Potential and Market Sizing Analysis. Market analysis services from Mapping Analytics help you know the economic opportunity available to you in any geographic market.

Whether you sell to consumers, to businesses, or both, market sizing provides intelligence you need to deploy sales and marketing resources effectively. Vietnam - Market ChallengesVietnam Market Challenges Learn about barriers to market entry and local requirements, i.e., things to be aware of when entering the market for this country.

Hanoi (VNA) – Australia, which needs to import – 2 billion USD of fruit and vegetable each year, is a potential market for Vietnamese fruit and vegetable but its strict quarantine.

The Research & Consulting Department publishes a thought leading quarterly report that provides critical insights into the Vietnamese property market. Offering subscribers actionable intelligence, the CBRE Quarterly Report is the only publication of its kind in Vietnam.

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