Benefits of leisure activities

Benefits of Leisure Go Beyond the Moment By James Leonard, University Communications March 19, Study by UC Merced Professor Matthew Zawadzki shows that mentally engaging leisure activities reduce stress and have immediate, lasting health benefits Doing the things you enjoy can be good for your health, according to a new study by Professor Matthew Zawadzkia health psychologist with the University of California, Merced. The study, published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicineshows that leisure activity can provide immediate stress relief and other health benefits to just about anyone. The study began with data collection by then-Syracuse University psychologist Joshua Smyth and was later completed by Zawadzki during his postdoctoral fellowship with Smyth at Penn State University.

Benefits of leisure activities

Practiced in clinical, residential and community settings, the profession of therapeutic recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure to enhance their health, independence and well being.

Outdoor adventure activities for people with limited physical ability give participants feelings of success and improved feelings of confidence. There is no greater opportunity for people to experience self-actualization and the spiritual renewal, creative expression, discovery and stimulation than leisure offers.

Families that recreate together tend to be closer, more cohesive and improve their chances of staying together. This is Benefits of leisure activities with both parent-child relationships and married couples.

Families are the cornerstone in promoting well-being and healthy development in children. Good news for working parents! The physically fit person is less prone to injury, and is less likely to experience depression. Childhood participation in organized fitness and sports programs helps attain higher bone density establishing a strong health base to combat osteoporosis in later life.

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An estimated 66, U. Adventure programs teach the importance of trust, appropriate risk taking, supportive social interaction and personal challenge while creating valuable life long memories. Leaders are trained, developed and nurtured through leisure organizations such as teen clubs, camps and programs.

Positive and enjoyable recreation experiences can decrease stress and psychological tensions. Leisure activities provide people with the opportunity to expel energy and emotion not being released in other aspects of their lives.

Psychologists found that activities such as a walk in the woods gave a boost to the immune system that lasted two or three days. Each additional mile walked or run by a sedentary person would give him or her an extra 21 minutes of life.

The strength of a community is increased through recreation activities that allow people to share cultural and ethnic differences. Land and water parks enhance the quality of life and contribute positively to the mental health of its citizens.

Both mild and clinical depression can be reduced with activities such as water aerobics and swimming. When communities compare themselves to one another, eager to improve, they almost always evaluate their levels of open space, recreation facilities, and leisure program development.

A child develops social skills, problem solving and creativity through early play experiences. The best opportunities are those that are planned and supervised. Physical activity is intellectually stimulating and enhances the learning process and the development of cognitive skills.

Under these circumstances, the capital costs of building a one million dollar softball complex could be repaid after only 20 tournaments.

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Every tournament after that is profit that could be reinvested into other community needs. Golf was responsible for creating over 12, full and part time jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Benefits of leisure activities

Leisure activities can provide for the creation of new social relationships for Seniors after the loss of a loved one.

Someone turns 50 every 8. Byit is estimated one in five Americans will be 65 and older. Union Pacific Railroad found that their exercise programs helped employees to be more productive at work and achieve higher levels of concentration. Firms that provide for employee fitness and health programs experience decreased employee turnover.

A recent study indicates the fondest memories people have of their past tend to involve family outings and vacations. Cities such as Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Spokane have proven that investments in waterfront and other open space development have succeeded in attracting new business and boosting tourism with subsequent increase in tax revenue.Jul 23,  · The existing literature suggests that serious engagement in leisure activities leads to happiness, life satisfaction, and successful aging among older adults.

This qualitative study was used to examine the benefits of serious involvement in leisure activities among older Korean adults who were. General Information» Benefits of Recreation PARKS AND RECREATION THE BENEFITS ARE ENDLESS BE HAPPIER - FEEL GREAT!

Practiced in clinical, residential and community settings, the profession of therapeutic recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure to enhance their health.


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Longer life. The numerous health benefits of recreation and leisure are evident to as all. Most folks use their pastime to participate in stress-relieving activities like sports, as well as physical exercise.

Benefits of leisure activities

Leisure at Cheltenham have a range of Sport and Play community based activities to engage people of all ages across Cheltenham in healthy active lifestyles. Print Leisure Activities of Adults: Types, Benefits & Examples Worksheet 1.

Choose the term, often used by psychologists, that defines an increase in one's well-being. Explore Opportunities in Kinesiology, Community Health, Recreation, Sport & Tourism, Interdisciplinary Health and Speech & Hearing Sciences.

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