Business planning jobs uk academic

Course in Depth What will I study? This MBA is designed to allow you to develop an understanding of key aspects of business and management with an information technology focus.

Business planning jobs uk academic

Course in Depth What will I study? This MBA is designed to allow you to develop an understanding of key aspects of business and management with an information technology focus. You will therefore study aspects related to accounting and finance, human resource management, marketing and strategy.

By the end of these modules you will have an understanding of the critical aspects of business. Teaching is set in an international context with examples and illustrations drawn from the global economy.

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A strategic focus will be taken throughout the programme, concentrating on the major decisions that organisations have to make to determine their overall direction. You will also be exposed to a range of contemporary issues of interest to all managers. These will include such things as globalisation, ethics and social responsibility.

business planning jobs uk academic

How will I study? As well as preparing for and attending lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops, you will spend time reading and completing coursework, including written assignments, portfolios and presentations.

Learning from your colleagues is an important part of the course and many exercises will require you to work in teams.

How will I be assessed? Throughout the programme there is a combination of different forms of assessment to test intellectual development, vocational capability and critical thinking.

Coursework often involves both individual and group-based working with case studies and problem solving exercises being used. Examinations take a variety of forms, using both seen and unseen questions.

Who will be teaching me? All our staff are passionate about student learning and development. The degree is delivered by specialists in accountancy, marketing, information technology management and IT security.

The programme team includes active researchers who publish in academic journals, as well as academically and professionally qualified staff.

All team members are people with an energy and enthusiasm for their subject areas. The three-storey building offers a seat lecture theatre and modern seminar and meeting rooms. There are also social learning areas which encourage a more informal and interactive style of learning, in addition to an attractive roof garden and atrium.

Modules Expand All BUSStrategic Marketing Planning 20 credits Strategic Marketing Planning is designed to provide you with an understanding of marketing planning including the synerginistic planning process and its links with the delivery of effective and sustainable competitive advantage.With the cost of rental and accommodation in London being extreme (almost as bad as Sydney) it makes sense for young Australians looking to live out their travel dreams to seek out live in jobs.

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business planning jobs uk academic

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Birmingham, United Kingdom More Birmingham jobs > Experienced People manager able to develop a team as well as take on a wider. Strong academic background Significant Commercial Finance experience – partnering, planning.

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Contingency business planning (also known as business continuity planning or disaster planning) is the type of business planning that focuses on dealing with crises. A business contingency plan is a proposed implementation plan to deal with some new emergency, event or .

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