Collage project

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Collage project

I know some of you find this a bit tedious but it really makes displaying your art work so much easier and much more professional looking. Using parts of the template figure out where you want your white center to be.

Add media and select a template

We will be using the white of the paper for this. I lightly marked with pencil where the center will go. Mix some white paint with your blue paint to make a light blue. Start painting around your white center. I wanted to have some brush marks showing movement.

If you look at the two finished pieces you can see what I was going for. Continue painting now making your blue darker by mixing in some purple or maybe a little black. Paint until you are right off the page keeping that circular motion in your brushstrokes. Now you can use the template or try to make your own.

Trace out your figures on black paper. Use the yellow paper for the star.

The Creativity of Collage: Why Open-Ended Art is Best for Young Children

When you have your silhouettes cut out place them on the paper, you are trying to position your horizon line. Lightly pencil in where you want your horizon line to be. You want to center the Baby Jesus in the white.

Glue down your black paper cutouts. And there you have a very striking piece for Christmas.

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Give it a try.95th Saturday Reunion Oct. 20th, AM - PM. For one Saturday in both the spring and the fall, the TCRWP opens its doors to thousands of .

Oil Pastel & Watercolor Tree Continuing with our discussion about trees, we created oil pastel and watercolor paintings by drawing the letter "Y" as the branches of the fall tree to create the effect of a tree without its leaves.

Cultural Collage. Project Overview. Cultural Collage – Project Overview. The purpose of this project is for students to develop a better understanding of the specified social studies GLES (see.

Collage project

Introducing Cultural Collage GLE document) through the creation and sharing of Cultural Collages. This understanding is crucial.

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New customers save 60% on first order. Fitacola is an art collage project started in by the partners, in art and in life, Graça and Carlos Quitério. The duo is based in Caldas da Rainha, in central-western Portugal and makes original creations: from illustrations and paper scraps to animated digital collage projects.

Project: Photomontage and Collage – graphicdesign