Happy and succeed

SHARE One of the big changes in psychology over the course of my career has been the increase in research on positive psychology. When I was a graduate student, there was a lot of work on stress and mental illness, but few researchers spent much time studying happy people.

Happy and succeed

While I cannot claim to be an expert in Chinese traditions, I am always interested and excited to learn about the meaning of the Chinese new year. Luckily, my Happy and succeed assistant is also a Feng Shui specialist and a Chinese astrologer.

This year, the Year of the Sheep, serves as one of our teachers, bathing us in the essence of gentleness, peace and calm. The sheep energy calls us into the grace of harmony that exists among the collective whole and invites us to consider how we might evolve beyond our individual truth into the power and potential of togetherness.

Sheep travel in a herd. Aside from the lone "black sheep", we tend to see sheep huddled together, working collectively to graze, move, live, etc.

The past three years we lived in horse, snake and dragon energy. All of these signs are very individualistic, and were powerful, charged and growth oriented, catapulting us forward into the truth and expression of who we uniquely are.

They were rooted in the masculine, yang life force energy. This year, in contrast, brings with it a reminder that we need one other.

What good is our individual power and expression if we cannot balance it with our need for vulnerability, tenderness and quiet intimacy?

The sheep represents the profound, transformational power of the feminine, yin life force energy. It is a time to practice being receptive, to nurture and be nurtured, to be inclusive and trust the greater power of the whole.

This sounds quite kumbaya, doesn't it? All of us getting along, loving one another Well, let me tell it to you straight: I'm a transformational coach.

EVERY single client and workshop participant that I've ever had was afraid of intimacy on some level. ALL of us are. Most people in our society shy away from the power of vulnerability, seeing it as something that needs to be protected, something that makes them susceptible to hurt or danger of some kind.

The sheep is here to guide us into the power of surrender and trust, teaching us that vulnerability is simply a way of being open to deeper connection.

Happy and succeed

When was the last time you allowed your heart to break open and ask for support in front of someone else? When was the last time you allowed your voice to quiver as you shared how you really feel with your closest loved ones or friends?

Have you allowed yourself to melt into the arms of another, not because you are wounded, but because you embody the capacity to receive the purity of their love?

What would it be like to dissolve the walls of facade that you've so carefully built around your precious self?

What would it be like to nurture the deepest parts of yourself in community with others? What if you allowed your community into your personal experience so deeply that it allowed you all to deepen a bond that was previously superficial?

THIS is the power of the sheep. Recently, I had an experience with my husband that allowed us to experience a deeper intimacy than we've possibly ever felt together before. In the midst of a minor argument, where each of us was defending our positions, I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable and to share a substantial fear that I was facing in my life.

Happy and succeed

In naming my fear and my experience without blame or judgement, I opened to the depths of my vulnerability and asked my husband, who may have been surprised by my outburst of tears, simply to hold me.

In that moment, I chose to take the path of the sheep. I could have stayed closed off and defended, even in my vulnerability, feeling too stupid or foolish to ask to be held.

I chose instead to drop into the power of "WE"; to lean on him and feel his partnership. He rose to the occasion so gracefully and held me in such a quiet power.

A new, deeper trust emerged. We are being called to dissolve. It is time to dissolve beyond the power of our individual truth and evolve into a new paradigm that is carried and supported by a larger whole. Trust in our partners, trust in our friends, trust in our loved ones, trust in our community, trust in humanity once again.

The sheep invites us to fall back into the arms of the other and to watch in amazement as they actually catch us. What a stunningly magnificent balance to the part of us who knows how to handle it, who knows how to make it happen and rise to the occasion.

In addition to our strength, we now get to experience our softness and our openness. In doing so, our softness and openness becomes our new strength. So what does it look like for YOU to embrace the power of the sheep this year?How to Be Genuinely Happy (Not Jealous!) When Others Succeed.

by. Aja Frost. Luckily for us, my friend Lindsey has mastered the art of being happy for other people, and she told me how she does it.

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