Henry moore analysis

See Article History Henry Moore, born July 30,Castleford, YorkshireEngland—died August 31,Much Hadham, HertfordshireEnglish sculptor whose organically shaped, abstract, bronze and stone figures constitute the major 20th-century manifestation of the humanist tradition in sculpture. Much of his work is monumental, and he was particularly well-known for a series of reclining nudes. Background and education Moore was born in a small coal-mining town near Leeds in the north of England.

Henry moore analysis

His grandfather was the author Dr George Moore. His eldest brother was Thomas Sturge Moorea poet, writer and engraver. Moore is best known today for his defence of ethical non-naturalismhis emphasis on common sense in philosophical method, and the paradox that bears his name. He was admired by and influential among other philosophers, and also by the Bloomsbury Groupbut is unlike his colleague Russell mostly unknown today outside of academic philosophy.

Henry moore analysis

Moore's essays are known for their clear, circumspect writing style, and for his methodical and patient approach to philosophical problems. He was critical of modern philosophy for its lack of progresswhich he believed was in stark contrast to the dramatic advances in the natural sciences since the Renaissance.

He was president of the Aristotelian Society from Moore and the Cambridge Apostles that Moore was an important member of the secretive Cambridge Apostles.

Moore died on 24 October ; he was cremated at Cambridge Crematorium on 28 October and his ashes interred at the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in Cambridge ; his wife, Dorothy Ely was buried there.

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Together they had two sons, the poet Nicholas Moore and the composer Timothy Moore. Naturalistic fallacy Moore asserted that philosophical arguments can suffer from a confusion between the use of a term in a particular argument and the definition of that term in all arguments.

He named this confusion the naturalistic fallacy. For example, an ethical argument may claim that if a thing has certain properties, then that thing is 'good. Other theorists may argue that 'complex' things are 'good' things.

Moore contends that even if such arguments are correct, they do not provide definitions for the term 'good. It can only be shown and grasped. Any attempt to define it X is good if it has property Y will simply shift the problem Why is Y-ness good in the first place?

The argument hinges on the nature of statements such as "Anything that is pleasant is also good" and the possibility of asking questions such as "Is it good that x is pleasant?

Moore concludes from this that any analysis of value is bound to fail. In other words, if value could be analysed, then such questions and statements would be trivial and obvious. Since they are anything but trivial and obvious, value must be indefinable.

Critics of Moore's arguments sometimes claim that he is appealing to general puzzles concerning analysis cf. The argument clearly depends on the assumption that if "good" were definable, it would be an analytic truth about "good," an assumption many contemporary moral realists like Richard Boyd and Peter Railton reject.

Other responses appeal to the Fregean distinction between sense and referenceallowing that value concepts are special and sui generis, but insisting that value properties are nothing but natural properties this strategy is similar to that taken by non-reductive materialists in philosophy of mind.

Good as indefinable[ edit ] Moore contended that goodness cannot be analysed in terms of any other property. In Principia Ethicahe writes: It may be true that all things which are good are also something else, just as it is true that all things which are yellow produce a certain kind of vibration in the light.

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