How foreign ownership has affected the

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How foreign ownership has affected the

How foreign ownership has affected the

How has foreign investment affected the beautiful game? Written by Malcolm Sterling on 08 September View Comments Football has long been called the beautiful game, and today it is played across the world. The top football leagues, including the English Premier League, attract fans from across the world, and players are paid enormous sums.

Indeed it seems for a club to succeed in a top league today, it requires an owner with deep pockets. Foreign ownership in the Premier League has shot up in recent years. So what is drawing all these foreign investors to the English Premier League? The answer is of course the economic potential of owning part of the most profitable leagues in the world.

The Premier League also has another attraction for investors. As the financial packages are shared across all the teams, the league is more competitive, and it is a realistic option to buy a struggling team and improve it. Whilst it is clear why foreign owners are interested in the football clubs, it is less clear what this means for English football clubs.

Owning a football club despite all the money flowing around is not all that profitable, so the owners must be fans of football. However, whilst some foreign owners are committed to their clubs, others are more concerned about the financial side. This could lead to games moving abroad, which would be bad for English fans.

Foreign owners can be good for clubs.

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Some such as Stan Kroenke of Arsenal do not interfere with the day to day running of their clubs, whilst others such as Abramovich of Chelsea are famous for demanding results from their managers.

Others such as Assam Allam of Hull City have created controversy by putting their team up for sale when they were refused permission to rename the club Hull Tigers.

For Manchester City, foreign investment has enabled them to open a training facility to coach young talent. Clubs that are able to spend a lot of money will always have an advantage in the football league, and these days, that usually means having a foreign owner.

However, despite this, there has been some success for smaller teams without the big foreign backers. Burnley is one of the smallest towns in the Premier League and they have one of the lowest budgets.

Yet this has not stopped Burnley being promoted twice to the Premier League. Wigan has also had considerable success since being bought by local businessman Dave Whelan.

While there are pros and cons to foreign investment in football clubs, in many cases it is a boon to the club and can even have a positive effect on the local community.François Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture organizes a slave revolt to take over Hispaniola.

Some of the French landowners fled to Cuba, creating more plantations with subsequent increased demand for slaves. To meet this demand, Spain allows foreign vessels to transport slaves to the island.

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business and if the charts for the U.S. business and the foreign person diagram the ownership chains for the acquirer and target before and after the. The widespread takeover of English football clubs by foreign owners over the past 20 years has resulted in many outcomes.

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New Russian media ownership law: How will changes affect foreign players? - Russia Beyond Each of these instances involved allegations or admissions of payments directly or indirectly to traditional foreign government officials or foreign political parties in connection with a business purpose.

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Australia - Recommended Law firms, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates. In light of the new EU data protection scheme, shaped by the GDPR, Serbia has enacted a new Data Protection Law on 9 November , with its' applicability postponed for 21 August How Foreign Ownership Has Affected the English Premier League Introduction The Premier league is the top soccer division in England.

It is claimed to be the richest league in the world where some of the most popular players and football teams play.

How has foreign investment affected the beautiful game?