Infrared remote control switch

InfraRed Remote Control Switch - Infared Remote Control This infrared remote controlled circuit will allow you to use any infrared in order to switch it on or off. I used mine to surprise my girlfriend. I set it to turn off the room lights and turn on a mirror ball and spotlight. I put the receiver near my CD player and had a disk cued up Barry White, of courseso when I pressed play the music and lights started together.

Infrared remote control switch

InfraRed Remote Control Switch - Infared Remote Control

It allows you to turn on and off up to four lights or other appliances using a remote control: Controlling a light with the Infrared Remote Control Switch.

The boards are available in a range of different sizes, with from 1 to 8 channels. I decided to go for a 4-channel solid-state board, for greater reliability and lower power consumption, and found two alternatives on eBay: The SunFounder left and SainSmart right solid-state relay boards.

SunFounder The SunFounder solid state relay board is the slightly smaller of the two, and has the advantage of offering both screw terminals and header pins for the low-voltage signals.

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SainSmart The SainSmart board is slightly larger, and only provides screw terminals for the low-voltage signals. Both boards draw a maximum of about 32mA at 5V DC, and each input switches on at about 1.

On both boards there is live AC power on some of the tracks to the solid-state switches on the bottom of the board, so take care when testing with AC power.

Infrared Remote Control Switch | Circuit Diagram History[ edit ] Inthe first example of wirelessly controlling at a distance was during a demonstration by the British physicist Oliver Lodgein which he made use of a Branly's coherer to make a mirror galvanometer move a beam of light when an electromagnetic wave was artificially generated.
Infrared Remote Control Switch The circuit can be activated from up to 8 meters.
LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control It carries several chunks of information to the receiving device, including:
Infrared Remote Control Switch | Electronic Circuits Gives a regulated 5V output voltage.

I decided to base my project on the SunFounder board, because of its smaller size and the convenience of the header-pin connections. Circuit of the Infrared Remote Control Switch.

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I built it on a small piece of veroboard, designed to plug onto the header pins provided on the solid-state relay board. I mounted the infra-red receiver module on the bottom of the board so it would stand up above the board, for best infrared reception: The infrared control circuit built on a small piece of veroboard.

Here's a diagram showing the layout on veroboard, with the tracks you need to cut, viewed from the component side of the board:The first remote controllers were developed in the early s, and the first remotes were connected with wires to devices.

Infrared remote control switch

Nowadays remotes use infrared control and thus are capable of infrared remote control switch submitted by: vivek porwal bbdnitm,lko roll: 2. iNTRODUCTiON The aim of this project is to design a circuit such that one can control home or industrial appliances using the help of remote.

Using remote to control appliances reduces human efforts without compromising on  · If you want to operate your home electrical appliances remotely then this IR or infrared remote control switch circuit can be ideal for you.


The circuit is using a 5V relay switch at the output from which you can connect any AC appliance like fan, light, lamp Control up to 8 devices by this easy constructable remote control.

It can work as a radio or infrared remote control, depending on the components. Introduction This little project will demonstrate how you can use your old NEC IR protocol based TV,DVD or VCR remote control to control you home appliances like fan bulb or virtually anything.

Infrared Remote Control Switch Circuit Remote controls, specially cordless type, are very popular nowadays. Here is a simple and cost-effective cordless remote is the free Encyclopedia of Electronic /infrared-remote-control-switch.

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