Is cheating out of control

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Is cheating out of control

Without having to learn a new golf swing. Without physically changing your current golf swing. Without having to learn new "secret golf swing moves". Without intensive mental game study. Without buying new golf clubs. Without using video equipment to constantly review your golf swing.

Without using swing assist gadgets that are supposed to induce muscle memory.

Is cheating out of control

Without buying new fangled golf swing software. Without memorizing a bunch of golf tips. I've seen golfers go absolutely crazy over a single golf shot that went very wrong Not because of the bad shot We've all stood in the fairway asking "Why?

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Knowing that you've searched and asked many times but there are no answers to be found. To make matters worse many of the golfers I talk to have taken lessons, sometimes for years and STILL aren't sure how any shot will turn out!


I spent over 20 years to figure out how to develop an amazing golf swing and golf game, but what blew me away is that most golf instruction is missing some very important ingredients that make overall success a lot easier.

So when you read the headline on this page, I hope you are asking yourself: How is it possible? Tracy Reed is a Golf Finishing Coach specializing in helping you bridge the gap between your current golf game and the golf game you dream of playing by filling in the missing pieces that just can't be found in golf instruction.

Because seeing great golfers and wondering HOW they keep it together on the golf course was the question that started me on a plus year journey to find the answers and my own sanity.

I felt the jolt that started my journey when I asked "How?

And when I asked him, "How? He only knew "What" I had to do. I couldn't figure out how to turn his "what" into my "how" and make the move the way he wanted me to do it.

So take a minute and think about these next questions. If you are where I was, keep reading because the real answers you've been seeking are here Do you ever wonder how to do something you see in instruction properly, whether live or video?

Is cheating out of control

Have you ever hit the ball great at a lesson or in practice, but just couldn't make it work on the golf course? Do you ever wonder how to know if your are doing something properly on the golf course when your shots aren't working? Have you ever felt "stuck" where every time you make progress something else falls apart?

When you step up to a shot do you sometimes wonder where that shot will end up? The results of my plus year journey to answer these seemingly simple questions led me to be able to do for golfers exactly what you read above And you can learn how it works without having to jump through all the hoops I had to just to find this information.

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