Participative management and change oriented leadership essay

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Participative management and change oriented leadership essay

After reading the case study I found that Steve jobs is a transformational leader because he always comes with a new idea and effectively motivates his subordinates to reach his plan or goal.

Apple is founded in and comes with Apple I a personal computer kit. He introduces Apple II in with colour graphics and floppy disk. In apple bought NeXT.

Participative management and change oriented leadership essay

In he launched iPod music player for music lovers. By this he set of a new strategic option in music and entertainment. Then he came with the iPhone in and the MacBook Because of all these innovation I found that Steve jobs continuously transforming there products and making a new plan for the customers.

Communication Communication is the process of exchange and flow of information from one person to another. Effective communication is a two way communication, in which the receiver gets the exact information that the sender transmitted. Communication is of two types verbal and nonverbal. After that discussion we gave feedback to each other, in which I got average comment.

Motivation Motivation is the process of stimulating someone to use his willingness for fulfilling the desired goal. A leader motivates their followers by praising them or by giving them reward like bonus, incentive, promotion etc.

He arranged these needs in a hierarchy order i. Peer feedback During group discussion my group members gave me the positive feedback because they knew that in our finance assignment I helped one of my group member who find some problem in relating the ratios of the company with the economic factors, as I have a commerce background I helped him by giving theory and the proper link.

Self-confidence Leadership grows from self-confidence, it is the fundamental basis of leadership. Leadership is about having confidence to make decisions. The group members or the followers can step forward towards the desired goal only when the leader is confident.

So the leaders confidence is directly proportionate to the followers. It acts like a bridge between person and its goal. Peer feedback My group mate thinks that I am mediocre in self-confidence because when I am giving my strategy presentation I am not using my body language confidently and I am hesitating to give presentation.

Delegation Delegation is the capabilities or knowledge of the person and issuing them a task, it also includes three concepts i. Delegation enables a leader to develop the performance of the followers to reach the desired target by making the best use of time. Peer feedback In my group activity I gave suggestions to my group and they observe it.

When I get the chance I gave my suggestions to delicate the work. So in some cases I am not able to assign a task to the right person. A leader is a role model for the organisation. With the help of the feedback given by my group members I know what are my strengths and weaknesses, because of them I know what are the obstacles for me to be a good leader.Participative Management Professor Instructions: Writing (ONE PAGE) 1- Taking into account that the quotation of internet.

Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5%. He will Refuse. 2- One way to decrease your over is to read an article then summarize the text to include at least one paraphrased.

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for only $ $/page. Order now. a Comparative Essay ; Participative. According to J. Seyfarth, there are four types of leadership styles: directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented leadership (Seyfarth, ). These styles vary from one another, but all may be visible within a school environment.

Essay about Participative Leadership Style Words 6 Pages Participative Leadership Style In providing leadership guidance to employees with the purpose to motive and influence employees, I would use the Participative Leadership Style.

Ismail et al. () refer to consultative leadership and participative leadership as humanistic- based leadership styles. Participative leadership is often described as “bottom-up or ‘we’ (all of us together) management” (McConnell, , p).

Specifications Of Task Oriented Leadership Management Essay; Specifications of Task-Oriented leadership. It informs staff of the plans and tasks. Most CEOs in America usually use one of these five leadership styles: directive, empowering, participative, charismatic, or celebrity.

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