Salt late city law history essay

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Salt late city law history essay

The ideas of organic evolution, particularly as they apply to the development of humankind, are false. Yet in spite of the above, the Mormon church has demonstrated repeatedly a deep affection for and strong bond with science.

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In addition, numerous Mormon leaders, many of them accomplished scientists, have expressed confidence in the unfettered pursuit of the scientific method. Unfortunately, this intellectual enlightenment has evaporated from the common discourse of the church as creationist notions have crept into its sermons and classrooms.

What has led Mormons to a marriage with Christian fundamentalism relative to organic evolution? How does this affect the attitudes of the common membership of the church, not only toward science and the scientific method but with respect to traditional Mormon virtues of education, the pursuit of knowledge, and the embrace of all truth?

What is the overall effect of an all-or-nothing attitude of rejection when doctrinal issues appear to Salt late city law history essay with scientific observations? Even passive observers cannot fail to notice a recent bombardment from the ramparts.

In written and oratorical form this warfare has operated on two levels. Visible and vocal general leaders have in recent decades assaulted evolution in particular and science in general. The founding father of this movement was Joseph Fielding [p. Smith published perhaps the most complete compendium of his attitudes about science in under the title, Man, His Origin and Destiny.

Frankly it is because Satan has deceived them and they love darkness rather than life.

Salt late city law history essay

At the base of the problem for Mormons are notions about the order of the universe. But even with these accoutrements, only [p. McKay, prophet during the s and s, expressed negative feelings about evolution in his books, 14 his now-classic letter to William L.

A second tier of Mormons has written a plethora of science-bashing works. Zimmerman, 17 Ernst Eberhard, Jr. Along with their creationist-fundamentalist fellow travelers across the Christian world, they readily accept the benefits of scientific discovery that promise to improve their lives.


But when the same methods yield findings that conflict with their views of the universe, such techniques are the machinations of evil people. Mormon leaders, scholars, and theologians have not always shared with other biblical literalists this degree of hostility to Lyell, Russell, Darwin, and their successors.

Their uneasiness about what seemed to be unequivocal scientific revelations from taxonomic, fossil, and geologic records rarely lead them into outright rejection of science. Early Mormon leaders felt that science would vindicate Mormonism.

Joseph Smith himself repeatedly stressed that [p. His nephew and early twentieth-century successor Joseph F. Church president Brigham Young found little difficulty harmonizing Mormonism and evolution: How long had this material been in existence?

Forever and forever, in some shape, in some condition. We need not refer to all of those who were with God, and who assisted him in this work. The elements form and develop, and continue to do so until they mature, and then they commence to decay and become disorganized.

The mountains around us were formed in this way. By and by, when they shall have reached their maturity, the work of disintegration and decay will commence.

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It has been so from all eternity, and will continue to be so until they are made celestial. As for the Bible account of creation we may say that the Lord gave it to Moses, or rather Moses obtained the history and traditions of the fathers, and from them picked out what he considered necessary, and that account has been handed down from age to age, and we have got it, no matter whether it is correct or not, and whether the Lord found the earth empty or void, whether he made it out of nothing or out of rude elements; or whether he made it in six days or in as many millions of years, is and will remain a matter of speculation in the minds of men unless he gives revelation on the subject.

The first of these emigrated from England as a teenager. Shortly after his arrival in Utah, James E. Talmage enrolled at Brigham Young Academy where he came under the tutelage of Karl Maeser, who comfortably elevated science to the same level of reverence as religion.

After extensive graduate training in chemistry and geology at Lehigh and Johns Hopkins universities, Talmage returned to Utah to occupy the Deseret Chair of Geology at the University of Utah, serving as president of the university, and become a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.Salt Lake City, UT Hours.

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