Skywriting austin tx

L — Life Now this adds an important modifier to the word life.

Skywriting austin tx

Calendar Time Management is Dead! It consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. Time management used to be very similar to attention management.

If you designated some time on your calendar to attend to something, it was more likely that thing would get done.

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This was back before the digital revolution so thoroughly changed the way information is generated and shared. In other words, before there were so many distractions.

Allocating time to something no longer means that it will receive your attention, and without attention, your time is somewhat irrelevant.

Attention creates action, produces quality and facilitates productivity. Attention also has a dramatic impact on your life.

What you give your attention to, is what determines your experiences. Perhaps its monster trucks, vampires, science fiction, or quantum physics. There are people whose lives revolve around subjects that are barely a blip on your radar. Those people give their attention to those topics, and therefore have experiences around them.

And you do the same. Instead, consider attention management. Invest in your focus.


Support your attention by minimizing distractions. Shut your phone off sometimes, or at least use the Do Not Disturb feature.

Put it on silent, NOT vibrate. Close your office door if you have one. Stop sabotaging your own focus and attention span, and start supporting your ability to control your attention.

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Skywriting is typically done as a form of advertising and maybe as a fun marriage proposal.

skywriting austin tx

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