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Smart pop essays

After a few stories of cubicle horror related to said manager, she looked up at me and asked: Or did something I did in this or a previous life make me deserve this?

What follows is some advice for managers on how to manager people, especially talented people. I worked for nine years at Microsoft, sometimes managing projects, sometimes managing people, but always with a manager above me.

We called him this in jest, making fun of his authority, because it was so rare that he needed to use it.

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Instead arguments always centered on some problem that needed to be solved, and what the best approach would be to solve it. Working for him always felt like a partnership. Decisions were made on the basis of their merit, and any point of view was allowed provided it added Smart pop essays to the discussion.

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His authority, though obvious since he was my boss, was rarely something he had to exercise or use as a tool to get things done. Was this guy a good manager? It depends who you ask. For many people and organizations, management is considered in relatively strict and authority based terms.

The manager, or the boss, is the person who has authority and responsibility over a bunch of other people. Often he or she can hire and fire people, give raises, decide who works on what, and has political and social access to other important people in the company.

Depending on where you work these things are true to varying degrees. I learned that the more you talk to different people, in different lines of work, about managers, the more you learn how differently defined the role and job can be.

There are also huge differences in what employees in different organizations expect their managers to do for them. What is expected of managers in one organization would be a revelation in another.

My experience with the bossman taught me that managers have many undocumented, unsaid, but incredibly important, functions. They have more to do with enabling the happiness and productivity of the people that work for them than anyone else in the organization.

A manager, at any level of hierarchy, from line project manager, to CEO, has an emotional responsibility to their reports, or to the people who are dependent on them. Like a parent in a family, or a coach of a sports team, a manager sets the tone for dialog open and thoughtful or defensive and confrontational?

While managers are hired to get stuff done for their employer, they also make a personal commitment to each of their reports by being their boss. The manager automatically takes on more responsibility for the career of their employee than anyone else in the organization or company.

Smart pop essays

They might ignore this responsibility, or do a crappy job of it, but the responsibility is still theirs. I look at the bossman as an example of a very effective project manager. I think he hired people very carefully, trying to find people that would work within his management philosophy.

Then he created an environment where good ideas rose to the top, further encouraging smart people to want to contribute. The bossman made working for him feel like a proper relationship: I think that this kind of management style requires more skill and savvy than a more hierarchical drill sergeant type of manager.

Unlike the latter, the former demands comfort with degrees of ambiguity, and the confidence to allow people to openly disagree, or intellectually trump, their manager. However, I know some people who would have criticized the bossman as a manager that was not in control of his team.

I suppose the final analysis has to come down to the results. More than anything else talented people want to be in environments that both appreciate and cultivate their talents.

Any successful manager of talented people has to come in every day, in every meeting, and directly work towards making this happen. The nature of smart or talented people Everyone is talented.Last updated: 26 October About This Manual.

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Smart pop essays

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