Spectrophotometer essay

This is called visible light. When visible light is reflected from an object and touches the sensors in our eyes, we can see the colors of that respective object. During that reflection, while some colors are adsorbed, others are reflected.

Spectrophotometer essay

This experiment concentrates on the uses of the spectrophotometer, and using this instrument to specifically determine the absorption spectrum of a cobalt chloride solution, a galactose solution, and to determine an Spectrophotometer essay concentration of a galactose solution.

Modern biologists frequently use the measurement of light absorption to determine concentration of chemicals. The technique is called spectrophotometry. However, why is light absorbed?

Light may be simply scattered by particles, but this is extremely important to the measurement of truly absorbed light. Light is the part of electromagnetic radiation to which the human eye is sensitive.

Light is energy, and when absorbed by a chemical it results in a change in energy levels of the chemical.

Spectrophotometer essay

The energy of light depends on its wavelengths. Longer wavelengths, such as infrared, have less energy than shorter wavelengths, such as ultraviolet. A molecule will absorb light energy when a wavelength exactly matches the energy difference between two energy states of the molecule. We will write a custom essay sample on spectrophotometery Order now More Essay Examples on A spectrophotometer makes use of the transmission of light through a specific solution to determine the concentration of a solute within a solution.

It is based on a simple design of passing light of a known wavelength through a sample and measuring the amount of light energy that is transmitted. The design of a single beam spectrophotometer involves a light source, a prism, a sample holder, and a photocell. Connected to each are the appropriate electrical or mechanical to control the illuminating intensity, the wavelengths, and for conversion of energy received to readable data that can be recorded, which is known as a voltage fluctuation.

This voltage fluctuation is displayed digitally and recorded for further analysis. Beer Law, or Beer-Lambert Law is the relationship between absorbance and concentration of an absorbing specimen. The spectrophotometer used specifically to this experiment is the spcectronic As with any experiment, a control is needed to base the experiment on.

In this case, distilled water will be used as the control. A cuvette, which is a small plastic container used in the instrument to hold the solution, is filled with distilled water. The cuvette is then place in the sample holder.

Once the control is achieved, the absorption level of cobalt chloride can know be determined. Taking a clean cuvette, adding around 6ml of cobalt chloride to it, it is placed in the machine and the wavelength is kept at nm.

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According to the data the spectrophotometer reads, the optical density of cobalt chloride at a wavelength of nm is 0. Once this information is recorded, the cuvette of cobalt chloride is removed.

The machine is then set to nm, and the control cuvette of distilled water is placed back in the machine. Remove the cuvette of distilled water and place the cuvette of cobalt chloride in the machine. At nm, the optical density of cobalt chloride is 0.

The above procedure is repeated continually, at wavelength settings that are at 10nm intervals. For example, next would be nm, then nm, and so on.Most spectrophotometers have a scale that reads both in O.D.

(absorbance) units, which is a logarithmic scale, and in % transmittance, which is an arithmetic scale.

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As suggested by the above relationships, the absorbance scale is the most useful for colorimetric assays. Below is an essay on "Spectrophotometer" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Objective To build a spectrophotometer and use it to investigate the absorption of visible light in differently colored solutions.

Our spectrophotometer requires that we put 2 ml volume in each cuvette. A cuvette is a transparent vessel to be placed in a light path for measurement of absorbance.

Spectrophotometer essay

To get the right proportion of assay reagent to sample, we make our sample volume ml and add ml color reagent to each tube. Elisa Reader vs. Spectrophotometer The major difference between the Elisa plate reader and the spectrophotometer is that the Elisa readers are commonly used for intensity measurements on a large number of samples where you can also use a very small volume of sample.

Spectrophotometer is a kind of photometer which is used in molecular biology. It is used for determining the amount of substance in solution. Basic principle of the spectrophotometer is light transmittance with specific spectrums through the solution and determining the amount of absorbance.

As amount of substance in solution increases, so more light is absorbed by solution. UV visible spectrophotometry and solution absorption Essay All molecules absorb visible radiation at certain wavelengths.A The soaking up of visible radiation by a solution may be used to find the concentration of a solute or a mixture of solutes in solution.

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