Summary of scotts miracle gro the spreader sourcing decision

Note that in essence you are learning a new language, the more reading you do the better you will contribute to SCM strategies. Therefore, please do your best to keep up with the readings. Each week you should plan on reading the text and assigned journal articles.

Summary of scotts miracle gro the spreader sourcing decision

TBD I am happy to meet with you at your convenience, just send me an email request. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals defines supply chain management as all of the activities related to planning and managing the sourcing of materials, converting those materials into finished goods and services, and transporting those materials and goods to customers.

Successful supply chain management requires coordination and collaboration among internal functions e. You will learn how to use analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to make effective decisions about supply chains, and understand the major strategic issues and trade-offs that arise in supply chain management.

This course is designed for undergraduate business students who would like to pursue a career in consulting or take a position in operations, marketing or finance functions in a manufacturing, retail or distribution firm.

Course Objectives By the end of the course you should be able to: Understand the key drivers of supply chain performance.

Scotts MiracleGro The Spreader Sourcing Decision HBR Case Solution & Harvard Case Analysis

Analyze supply chain-related data to diagnosis problems and develop solutions to optimize performance. Articulate and select among a variety of strategies that reduce supply chain costs or increase responsiveness. Teaching Methods The focus of the course will be on learning and applying fundamental principles and techniques for managing supply chains.

In our classes, we will use a variety of formats to deepen our 1 understanding including lectures, case study discussions, hands on exercises and simulations. We will apply what we learned in homework assignments, case write ups and exams.

Students should have taken Bus a, Operations Management. You are expected to spend a minimum of 9 hours of study time per week in preparation for classes readings, paper, discussion sections, preparation for exams, etc. The following books are required for the course, and may be purchased from the Brandeis bookstore, Amazon.

To save money, you may purchase the 4th edition of the textbook, but check to make sure you are doing the right homework problems and readings. The case materials for the first week of class are available from the course pack link below. Each student should purchase his or her own materials.

I have separated out these materials to make it cheaper for students to be able to participate in our class discussions, particular students who are uncertain about whether or not they are going to enroll in the course. Every student should purchase these materials once they have determined they are going to take the course.

The coursepack link for the simulation is below. Alternatively, if you want to be able to play around with the simulation software on your own, you might wish to purchase your own copy.

There are many excellent sources of further information about supply chains. As a full-time student, you can join, for free! You are eligible to take the exam when you have your undergraduate degree.

Summary of scotts miracle gro the spreader sourcing decision

Members can view job postings on their website. They have helpful career website www. Job titles for people with years of experience include consultant, customer service manager, fulfillment manager, and supply chain analyst.

Grades are based on the following components: Class attendance is required. Please be courteous to your fellow students by arriving on time and refraining from leaving in the middle of class. If you are unable to attend class, please let me know in advance, if possible.

Summary of scotts miracle gro the spreader sourcing decision

You will not be penalized for one absence, but absences beyond that will hurt your grade. For case discussions, you are expected to actively listen, respond to questions, express your viewpoints, and respond to comments from your fellow students. I will keep a record of class participation for each student and assign a grade based on the quality of your in-class comments.

One or two high quality comments during class is preferred over frequent, low-quality participation. Participation is necessary, as attendance without participation will result in a C participation grade assuming there are no more than the allowed number of is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

Case Name Scotts Miracle-Gro The Scotts Company has been around since Ever since, they have been supplying many families with weed-free seeds. Throughout the years, Scotts has distributed many supplies such as fertilizers, seeds, soil, spreaders, and more.

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