What effect will plain packaging of

Retrieve your quote The impact of plain packaging for cigarettes Since Decemberunder the guidance of the previous Federal Government, plain cigarette packaging has been implemented in an effort to deter smokers from continuing the habit, and potential smokers from picking it up. The plain packaging legislation prevents tobacco companies from branding their products with logos, colours, trademarks and any other visual aid that may promote brand recognition. Instead, all cigarette packs now have standardised packaging that features the name of the brand in a mandated font and size, as well as written and visual health warnings.

What effect will plain packaging of

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From today, similar packs will begin to be seen in the UK. All cigarette packs and tobacco pouches manufactured for sale in the UK from now on will have to comply with these regulationsand within a year there should be no branded packs on shelves at all.

Ireland and France are also introducing this legislation today. But what impact will this new legislation What effect will plain packaging of After the numerous public consultationsgovernment reports and legal battles in both the highest EuropeanUK and Australian courtsthe government, tobacco industry, and the general public will be keen to know whether standardised packaging will actually reduce the prevalence of smoking.

However, a large number of experiments, surveys and focus groups many of which are summarised in two systematic reviews published in andand which Suzi Gage has blogged about before have found that standardised packaging changes attitudes and beliefs around smoking, including reducing the appeal of smoking, increasing the noticeability of the health warnings, and preventing people from being misled about the relative health risks of different brands people incorrectly assume that packs in lighter colours - i.

The evidence that standardised packaging will change actual smoking behaviour is less clear, as this kind of research is difficult to do, but it is expected that as a result of these changes in attitudes and beliefs, standardised packaging will encourage some smokers to think twice about their smoking behaviour and, crucially, discourage some of thechildren who start smoking every year from taking up the habit.

Tobacco firms lose high court battle over plain packaging Read more Quantifying the expected impact of standardised packaging on actual behaviour when implemented in the real world is difficult. Australia was the first and, until today, the only country in the world to introduce standardised packaging, back in December In14 Open Access studies were published reporting the effects of standardised packaging there, finding that standardised packaging reduced the appeal of smoking and of cigarettes themselves, encouraged smoking cessation and made the health warnings more prominent.

These findings support those observed in the laboratory studies and surveys conducted prior to the implementation of standardised packaging, adding weight to this previous body of literature. But did standardised packaging change the actual numbers of smokers in Australia?

Although the prevalence of smoking has been in decline in Australia for some time, an Australian government report shows that this decline has accelerated since the introduction of standardised packaging. This may not sound like a lot, but this is equivalent tofewer Australians smoking as a direct result of standardised packaging.

What effect will plain packaging of

Given that two thirds of smokers are expected to die from diseases caused by tobacco use, this is a clinically meaningful decline. In the UK, the Office for National Statistics reports annual smoking prevalence, so like Australia we will be able to see whether there is a decline in prevalence in the next few years.

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In addition, a number of UK surveys are planned, including an online survey of 6, adult smokers the Adult Tobacco Policy Surveyan in-home survey of 1, children the Youth Tobacco Policy Survey and a telephone survey of adult smokers the Smoking Toolkit Study.

Each of these will investigate differences in perceptions and experiences of smoking and cigarette packaging before and after the introduction of standardised packaging.

Together, these strategies are expected to reduce the prevalence of smoking, and ultimately reduce the burden of disease caused by tobacco.

It may not be a silver bullet, but it may be one more nail in the coffin. During her PhD she used cognitive neuroscience techniques to investigate the effectiveness of standardised packaging of cigarettes.

Find her on Twitter OliviaMaynardThe current review discusses the state of research on plain packaging in terms of a biopsychosocial model of addiction in which behavioral studies of plain packaging can identify psychological and social changes related to packaging, whereas neuroimaging studies can identify biological changes underlying the psychological and social impacts of.

The impact of plain packaging on tobacco consumers’ disposable incomes; and; The risk that government could be forced to pay compensation to tobacco companies. Each is examined briefly below. Disposable incomes. The reduction in tobacco prices as a result of plain packaging can be expected to provide a boost to smokers’ real disposable incomes. Plain tobacco packaging, also known as generic, neutral, standardised or homogeneous packaging, refers to packaging that requires the removal of all branding (colours, Arguments against plain packaging include its effect on smuggling, its effect on shops and retailers, and its possible illegality. Tobacco plain packaging operates as one part of Australia’s comprehensive set of tobacco control measures. It is an investment in the long term health of Australians and .

But the shocking warnings on plain packaging might not be the best way to get smokers to kick their habit. Why tobacco 'plain packaging' could have dangerous unintended consequences Editions.

From today, brightly coloured branding will be stripped from tobacco packs when standardised (or ‘plain’) cigarette packaging legislation comes in to effect.

Our aim was to assess the effects of plain packaging, warning labels, and a 20 % tax on predicted SSB preferences, beliefs and purchase probabilities amongst young people.

A 2 × 3 × 2 between-group experimental study was conducted over a one-week period in August Munafò and colleagues () assessed the effect of plain packaging on the visual attention of smokers and non-smokers to health warnings on cigarette packages using eye-tracking methods.

What effect will plain packaging of

They concluded that plain packaging increases the visual attention of non . Munafò and colleagues () assessed the effect of plain packaging on the visual attention of smokers and non-smokers to health warnings on cigarette packages using eye-tracking methods.

They concluded that plain packaging increases the visual attention of non .

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