Write a program to find the factorial of a number in pl sql

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Write a program to find the factorial of a number in pl sql

In this context of changing and challenging market requirements, Gas Insulated Substation GIS has found a broad range of applications in power systems for more than two decades because of its high reliability, easy maintenance and small ground space requirement etc.

SF6 has been of considerable technological interest as an insulation medium in GIS because of its superior insulating properties, high dielectric strength at relatively low pressure and its thermal and chemical stability. SF6 is generally found to be very sensitive to field perturbations such as those caused by conductor surface imperfections and by conducting particle contaminants.

The presence of contamination can therefore be a problem with gas insulated substations operating at high fields. If the effects of these particles could be eliminated, then this would improve the reliability of compressed gas insulated substation.

It would also offer the possibility of operating at higher fields to affect a potential reduction in the GIS size with subsequent savings in the cost of manufacture and installation.

The purpose of this paper is to develop techniques, which will formulate the basic equations that will govern the movement of metallic particles like aluminum, copper in a coated as well as uncoated busduct. In recent years, the areas of industrial application of AC drives, especially Induction machine based on DTC technique has gradually increased due to its advantages over the other techniques of control.

However conventional DTC suffers from high torque ripple and variable switching frequency. This paper, propose a method to reduce torque fluctuations, where the circular flux vector is divided into twelve sectors and is compared with conventional DTC method where the flux vector is divided into six.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Vol. F and Sansui H, "Simulink model of direct torque control of Induction machine", American journal of applied sciences 5 8: Krishnan, Electric Motor Drives: Enhancing Reusability of Conventional Apollo Modules by proposing change in design and use of new ablative material Enhancing Reusability of Conventional Apollo Modules by proposing change in design and use of new ablative material Abstract: The paper deals with the reusability of command modules used during Apollo space missions.

During Apollo missions in 's the module surface becomes charred up to some extent, hence decreasing the strength and scope of further reusability of the module.

write a program to find the factorial of a number in pl sql

A new design has been proposed and simulation results have revealed the possibility to reuse the module again for another mission. The new design has incorporated an in-built mechanism that will extend some part of the module surface outwards near to the periphery of the base of the module.

The design, mechanism, material and other details are discussed in succeeding sections. New ablative material has been introduced for more getting more promising results.

Design patterns have been the target of a great deal of research in the last few years. A design pattern is a general solution to a commonly occurring problem[1]. They are composed of three parts: This paper concentrates on developing a catalog for design patterns for safety-critical real-time systems and allows flexibility to choose, search a design pattern and add more design patterns.


This tool will be able to help generate the code for the suitable design pattern. Edition published in Safety assessment of design patterns for safety-critical embedded systems.

C Program to find Factorial of a Number

Sarma, Sahith Rampelli, Dr. High-resolution signal parameter estimation is a significant problem in many signal processing applications. Such applications include direction of arrival DOA estimation for narrow band signals and wideband signal emitted by multiple sources and received by sensor arrays.

Strong consistency of the modified method is established. However, an important disadvantage of the ULA geometry in DOA estimation is that it can only estimate the azimuth angle.

To estimate the elevation angle, Uniform circular arrays UCA geometries and planner array are employed in many applications. Schmidt, "Multiple emitter location and signal parameter estimation".The program of factorial of a number in pl/sql is given below: If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using metin2sell.com or mail your article to [email protected] See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

What is the best way to create a function for factorial in SQL Server- Say 10! Stack Overflow new. SQL Functions - factorial. Ask Question. up vote 10 down vote favorite. How to find factorial for given number without using * symbol in T-SQL query?

0. Write a program in PL/SQL to print the factorial of a number. In this post I will explain how to get the factorial of any given number.

Java Program to find factorial of a given number with recursion – Q3 | SQL with Manoj

For that first you need to know what is the procedure to find the factorial of a number. Maybe not the answer to your question, but there is no need for PL/SQL here: select round(exp(sum(ln(level)))) from dual connect by level. Javascript program to find factorial of given number; PL/SQL program to generate Fibonacci series; PLSQL Example Find Even Odd Number; PL/SQL Procedure Sample Example; PL/SQL Program to reverse a string Hey, If you have other program's and you want to publish here.

Please write me at support @metin2sell.com We will publish your shared. To write PL/SQL program using function and procedure.. FACTORIAL OF THE GIVEN NUMBER: Algorithm for main function: Accept he value of n in the function FACT two parameters.

Compute the factorial using for loop. Return the output to main function using return statement.

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