Writing a persuasive essay 2nd grade

The Game of Persuasion 1. Post the chart you created where students can see it see Preparation, Step 3. Distribute sticky notes, and ask students to write their names on the notes.

Writing a persuasive essay 2nd grade

Name Generator Persuasive Writing Prompts These persuasive writing prompts will help you come up with a topic or subject you should defend, and you need to convince the reader of your view regarding the issue.

They are free to use under a Creative Commons License. Click the "categories" tab at the top of the screen, or visit the homepage. Convince a skeptic to read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. Persuade someone to choose your favorite candy bar over your second favorite. Persuade yourself to start a good habit or stop a bad one.

Persuade someone to visit your hometown. Persuade someone to visit a city you want to visit. Persuade someone to try an activity you don't enjoy. Write about why you should be hired to do your dream job. Persuade someone that you would be a good pen pal. Persuade your boss or principal that work or school should start one hour later.

Persuade someone to take care of a pet while you are on vacation. Convince someone who doesn't like reading why they should read. Take two books or movies you don't particularly like and convince someone that one of them is better.

Take two books or movies you like very much and convince someone that one of them is worse. Which is better for getting around your hometown: Weigh the pros and cons of owning a pet. Find one thing in your everyday life you think needs fixing- your bus stop, your leaky faucet, the school system, etc.

Convince someone that it is broken and propose a way to fix it. Weigh the pros and cons of owning a cell phone. Why should people be kind to others? Persuade someone to go outside. Persuade someone to say inside.

Weigh the pros and cons of learning a sport. Would someone be able to live in today's world while not using any electronics? Why or why not? Convince someone why a specific book belongs in a certain genre. Pick two fictional characters.

Writing a persuasive essay 2nd grade

Which one would be a better date? Persuade someone that your favorite holiday is the best.

Writing to Persuade! - Step into 2nd Grade

Weigh the pros and cons of going to sleep one hour later than you normally do. What do you think the message or moral of a certain book is? What is the best day of the week? Persuade someone that some aspect of the dress code at your school or work should change. What rule or law do you think is the most important?

Pick something that many people do different ways like boiling an egg or remembering the order of the planets and persuade someone that your way is the most effective.

Which is creepier- spiders or cockroaches? Is it okay for boys to play with toys made for girls and vice versa?

6th Grade Writing Prompts & Essay Topics

Convince someone to eat at your favorite restaurant. Weigh the pros and cons of both parents working or one working and one staying home.

Writing a persuasive essay 2nd grade

Which one does a better job of adapting the original, and why? Pick a book that has a moral or message and explain convincingly what you think it means. Convince someone to give money to a charity.write persuasive writing.

Tell students the first step to writing, is choosing a TOPIC! So today we are just going to brainstorm some ideas that you could write about. Ask students what they would like to change or convince other people of.

[Refer back to posters from day 2 to help students generate ideas]. Have students begin writing their persuasive essays, using their printed Persuasion Maps as a guide.

To maintain the spirit of the game, allow students to write their essays with their partner. Partners can either write each paragraph together taking turns being the scribe or each can take responsibility for different paragraphs in the essay.

Boxes and Bullets Persuasive Essay Outline – A lot of students really hate the term outline.

Persuasive essay second grade

These same students generally like to hear the phrase boxes and bullets. So I made this boxes and bullets worksheet. Sure, it’s just an outline for a persuasive essay, but boxes and bullets sounds way cooler.

This activity is great to do before actually writing the essay. Jul 25,  · 10 persuasive essay writing tips Get into the right mood – If you’re reluctant to do an assignment, either choose another topic or let the task be until you’re in the right mood. An empowered speaker is a force hard to stop.

These 1st-grade writing prompts (or essay topics) are written for students in grade one. They are free to use under a Creative Commons License.. Want more ideas? Click the "categories" tab at the top of the screen, or visit the homepage. Mar 19,  · Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff. March 24, at PM twilliams said Hi!

Just found your blog! I am working on persuasive writing in my class. We are teaching persuasive writing when we get back from intersession. As a first year teacher, I always love new ideas to help teach my little ones!

I am a new follower!Author: abby.

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